Dry Mix for Masonwork VIPOL

Dry Mix for Masonwork «VIPOL»

VIPOL - a mixture of masonry for walls and partitions of the expanded clay, concrete blocks, porous ceramic blocks, bricks and silicate blocks.

Mason Vipol mixture, in contrast to conventional cement-sand mixture has a high thermal conductivity.

Recently widely used wall materials with high thermal insulation properties - hollow porous ceramic blocks, the blocks of concrete with porous aggregates, large-scale blocks of cellular concrete. The effect of such materials increases if the thermal conductivity of masonry mortar does not yield the same value of wall material.

As we know, common sand-cement masonry mortars are poor indicators of the thermal conductivity (0.8-0.9 W/m K), especially compared to porous ceramic blocks (0.16 W/m K) which they hold together, resulting in such a structure in place seam formed "cold bridges".

Conducted at the Institute for Building Physics research suggests that increasing the thickness of the seams up to 10 mm leads to a decrease in the average thermal resistance of the structure by about 20% due to the occurrence of thermal bridges.

Therefore, it is very important in laying a warm insulating ceramics using special masonry mixture.

To solve these problems in the manufacture of insulating masonry mixture VIPOL use: expanded clay sand (expanded) of a certain faction - a thermal insulation material, wherein the special light and strength.

The advantages of a warm solution VIPOL:

It is also used by other builders. Their use helps to improve flexibility, adhesion of primary material, its stability.

Instructions for use

Preparation of the base.
The substrate must be dry, firm, hard and not be subject to shrinkage or deformation. Dust, dirt, mortar, grease, oil, old paint, etc. must be removed.

Preparation of mortar.
Pour into a container clean cold water on the basis of the calculation of 0,22-0,24 l / kg of the mixture. Pour into a container dry mixture and mix until a uniform consistency. Mix the mortar mixture should be mechanically with the help of low-speed electric drill mixer or beater (400-600 rev / min), so you can mix by hand. Sustain the resulting mortar mixture for 5-7 minutes (during which time chemical reactions occur), then stir until smooth consistency.

Mortar mixture is applied in accordance with the instructions printed on the package, with all time intervals.
Insulating masonry mix - this is the finished product. Does not permit the mixture of any extraneous additives or fillers. Allowed to revive the mortar mixture by re-mixing, but without the addition of water.

Note: The ambient temperature during operation must be in the range from +5 C to +35 C.

Packaging and shelf life.

Shelf life: 6 months in original packaging in a dry ventilated area.

Insulation comes in a mixture of Vipol kraft bags of 15 kg.
Laying on a pallet 66 bags (990kg.)


Technical characteristics
IndicatorAs a result of the test
1. Mobility 4-8cm
2. The average density of not more than 1200 kg/m3
3. Frost resistance, cycles F75
4. Сoefficient of thermal conductivity 0,197 W/m0С
5. Flow rate of 1 mm thickness 1,1 – 1,3 kg/m2
6. The output solution of 15 kg of dry 13,5 l