Ornamental Expanded Clay Vipol

Modern natural materials are becoming more aesthetically appealing. Along with the usual haydite appeared his color counterpart, which in addition to the usual properties of expanded clay has a decorative properties.

Ornamental Expanded Clay «Vipol» intended for decorative flower beds, flower beds, tree trunks of trees in community parks, gardens, suburban areas, with shops, etc.Expanded clay-colored decorative

Ornamental Expanded Clay «Vipol» can be used to decorate your office or apartment, poured it into the top layer of flower pots.

Variety of color selection gives a wide scope of expanded clay to serve as a creative and professional designers and amateur gardeners.

Ornamental Expanded Clay «Vipol» can be used in the design of the landscape, like a fine art tool for the selection of garden and parkland, and flower beds.

Ornamental Expanded Clay «Vipol» - in addition to decorative, performs many practical functions. This is an excellent covering material, which:

Decorative concrete block fall asleep «Vipol» around the plant in a pot, you protect the topsoil from overheating by preventing rapid evaporation of moisture. In addition, the appearance is excluded on the ground surface mold, moss, optimized water - and air.

Our products are made on the technology, which has no analogues in the Republic of Belarus from the clean expanded clay with organic dye materials.

Claydite colored dyes, which are in the process of further use of proven best. The high light-and water-resistant, high frost resistance, neutral pH for the soil. For long-term presence on the soil surface concrete block absorbs excess moisture, salt and other substances, but the painted surface remains in its original condition.

Features Ornamental Expanded Clay «Vipol»:

Packaging: 0,5 l.,1,0 l.; 2,0 l.
Quantity on pallet: 2000 pcs; 1000 pcs; 500 pcs

The products obtained by the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being of the Russian Federation № P. 079 810. 11. 09 of the year 18/11/2009.

Decorative concrete block manufacture to order!
Color– by the catalog RAL.
It may also be packed in any container of the customer.