Expanded Clay Drainage Vipol

In order to have your flower were more likely to develop successfully, experienced growers recommend for transplanting plants in the pot to create a drainage system. And it will be correct, since Drainage will smooth out the small mistakes in watering. Drainage - an essential component of successful gardeners in growing flowers and decorative foliage plants (in the house, winter garden, rock gardens, etc.)

Drainage can be done with ceramic shards. But the more appropriate and correct use of expanded clay drainage. In essence, concrete block - is baked clay with a porous structure. The only option is expanded clay, which can vary, this fraction (grain size). To use a concrete block drainage fraction of 4 - 10 mm ("middle concrete block") and expanded clay fractions 8 - 20 mm ("large concrete block").

For plants, there is no difference, what fraction of expanded clay you put in a drainage. There are more important subjective reasons:
1. pH-neutral for the soil;
2. diameter of the drain hole in the pot (in a small concrete block large pots can spill out of the drain hole).

Drainage of expanded clay «Vipol» chemically inert, does not degrade and has no odor.
Nature drainage sintering is that an excess of moisture, drainage, expanded clay takes it on himself, but for lack of moisture has arisen - it gives the root system. That is, expanded clay drainage optimizes moisture transfer and helps move the plants to periods of drought forced.

Drainage of expanded clay «Vipol» can be used as an additive for heavy clay soil aeration, which allows plants to get more oxygen. Optimized air. In addition, the expanded clay drainage «Vipol» prevents the acidification of the soil, eliminates the appearance of mold on the surface of soil and moss.

Drainage of expanded clay «Vipol» - an additive to floral soils:


Technical characteristics
Drainage of expanded clay «Vipol», the average, the fraction - 4/10 mm
IndicatorAs a result of the test
1. Bulk density, kg/m3 310-330
2. Humidity no more 1%
3. pH neutral
Drainage of expanded clay «Vipol», a large, fraction - 8/20 mm
IndicatorAs a result of the test
1. Bulk density, kg/m3 280-310
2. Humidity no more 1%
3. pH neutral

Packaging: 2 l
Quantity on pallet: 1000 pcs
The number of pallets in vehicles: 26 pcs

The products obtained by the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare   № I. 059025. 09.09 from 04.09.2009 year

Drainage device, and other subtleties of the use of expanded clay drainage «Vipol».

If your pot has a drainage hole, then you need to put in the bottom 1 cm of expanded clay drainage «Vipol» and do not forget to substitute a saucer under the pot. And if you do not have - then 3 - 5 cm, or 1/4- 1/5 tank height. Then sprinkle a little bit of land and, in fact, put the flower itself.

Some manufacturers' expanded clay drainage "is recommended to mix concrete block to the ground, ostensibly to prevent soil acidification. But that will only happen if the acidification of water pouring not measure, and then either concrete block or drain will not help. In this case, drainage of expanded clay can only delay the beginning of the end. Much better to water correctly. Drainage of expanded clay to mix with the ground for a possible air roots. But if you water it properly, it is not true.

Advice to fill the earth from above expanded clay can also be useful as this prevents the appearance of mold on the surface of the soil, mosses and fungi. It also eliminates overheating of the concrete block on top of the upper layer of the soil and reduces evaporation of moisture from the soil. For a more aesthetic and attractive species can be used decorative concrete block painted «Vipol».  For this, the surface soil layer of expanded clay evenly poured 1 cm rather than 2 - 4 cm, as too large a layer of expanded clay will absorb much water and not let it into the ground to the roots, which will begin to dry.

Few people know that after 5 - 6 years of being in the land of concrete block is gradually broken down and converted into a soil, ie after 5 - 6 years, expanded clay drainage «Vipol» should be changed.