Wall Expanded Clay Concrete Blocks

Wall Expanded Clay Concrete Blocks «Vipol» – a brand new environmentally friendly wall insulation building material, which can be used as a carrier, and Walling. very often see a situation where a house is equipped with a very tight windows, and it reduces the number of ventilation holes, wall insulation is made, which are dense and thick. Of course, these measures significantly reduce the cost of heating the premises, but such "density per square meter" provides the residents of the house, that they are in a sealed box. In addition, these buildings often start up mold, fungi education, etc. Do not let this situation is possible if the use of lightweight aggregate in building blocks that are doing a fine job with the task of thermoregulation, steady rise to unpleasant fungal structures, etc.

Today lightweight aggregate blocks are very popular in Europe. The material is widely used in Denmark and Austria. Germany, Baltic countries, etc. On the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Russia and other CIS countries such blocks have also received the reputation of reliable and quality building materials.

For example, the use of such blocks helps significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumed. Such building materials also allow you to save on labor and time spent on the construction site.
In general, blocks of keramsit - it's a great alternative to the same concrete, which is harder and harder to use. Ease and flexibility of blocks provides them with the prospect of future construction sector.



Technical characteristics
IndicatorAs a result of the test
1. Frost resistance, cycles 50
2. The average density, kg/m3 600
3. Thermal conductivity, W/mK 0,185
4. The specific effective activity of radionuclides, Bq/kg 129
(material meets Class I)
5. Index of airborne noise insulation wall fragment of the blocks, dB 47
6. Class of concrete compressive strength В2 (М25)

Sizes, length*width*height, mm:
We can also offer a block and partition size 600х(90-150)x300(200)

Quantity on pallet: 40, 60 pcs (1,44m3)
Weight of 1 pallet: 900kg
Number of vehicles: 21 pallet (30,243)