Siding - tiles of lightweight concrete. Size 800h200 mm. Made of three types of "block-house," "fragmentary stone", "shagreen" in various colors. Siding, as a finishing material is designed for long-term protection of buildings from the harmful effects of the environment.

Benefits – ease of installation, aesthetics and durability. If the siding is made of wood, metal or vinyl prone thermal linear expansion, has a limit on the number of storeys of buildings (vinyl, wood), on the flammability of a metal - posilovym loads, the concrete siding does not have these disadvantages, and its durability, concrete is almost no limit . In addition, the technology of the siding is such that the front surface consists of a heavy fine colored concrete, and closer to the back surface of the lightweight concrete is based on specially processed expanded clay gravel.


Technical characteristics
IndicatorAs a result of the test
1. Frost resistance, cycles 100
2. Class of concrete compressive strength С 12/45 (В 15)
3. Watertightness W2
4. Flexural strength 5,65 MPa
5. Coefficient of thermal conductivity, C Vt/m 0 0,2