About company

Unitary Enterprise «Vipol» is a belorussian private company and now produces a wide range of building materials on the basis of expanded clay gravel, expanded clay and sand. 95% of the products manufactured by the company, successfully implemented in the Russian Federation. The geography of the supply is constantly expanding and now covers almost all regions of the Russian Federation - from Smolensk to Khabarovsk, from Archangel to Krasnodar. Our company has three times received the title of winner of the annual contest "Best Entrepreneur of the exporting" the Vitebsk region in 2005, 2007 and 2010.

In 2010 due to a deliberate strategy of our company began a new phase in its development: increased production, increased range of products. A few years ago, our company produces only 4 types of products, but today the list of products includes more than 60 items. Many products are used not only in the construction of houses, apartment buildings, but also in the construction of outbuildings, garages warm, with landscaping and landscape design areas, the production of soil.

Our company produces only environmentally friendly products from domestic raw materials. The buyer can purchase directly at our company most of the materials needed for construction of cottage and construction of infield.

Exclusive materials enterprises «Vipol». The latest novelty of our company is unique in the construction market of Belarus. Lightweight aggregate blocks with facial textured layer, production of which began in 2011, recognized as the winner of the National Professional Building Competition "Best Civil Engineering Product of the Year - 2011" in nomination "The best building material (product) of the year." In the application of this unique material does not require additional external decoration of the facade of the building. Decorative wall panels are not only an ornament of the facade, but also reliable protection at home: they are highly durable and frost - it is virtually timeless walls that do not require maintenance.

Deserve attention and produced by our company dry masonry mix, which have high heat-insulating ability. The use of RCC production of "Vipol" allows for stacking blocks and other wall materials with low geometric characteristics retain their heat-engineering parameters and to eliminate the appearance of the so-called thermal bridges. In addition, dry mix "Vipol" have good adhesion, water resistance and frost resistance.


In step with the times. Valid at our company office chief technologist and production laboratory can implement the latest technologies and develop their own production system, upgrade old and build new equipment with the use of nanotechnology. Because of this constantly expanding range of products ensures constant quality control of products and compliance with technical requirements for compliance with the existing technical conditions, standards of the Republic of Belarus. For many products, due to lack of regulatory framework, our specialists have developed and implemented its own technical standards.

Currently, our company not only offers a variety of products in a wide range, but also performs the hospitality types of construction works with their products. Products of our company has the following advantages compared to other building and finishing materials:
• a wide range of sizes of wall materials, lightweight concrete blocks;
• equipment finishing materials and materials for improvement.

Building materials production enterprise "Vipol" ensure rapid erection of the building will give the building architectural expressiveness and originality. Our activities are guided by the following principles:
• individual approach to the implementation of each order;
• high quality of products and services;
• efficiency in solving technical problems;
• the introduction of advanced and own development as soon as possible.

Unitary Enterprise «Vipol» - a reliable partner for those who want to build a modern comfortable house, providing a high standard of living and we confirm it with your own achievements!

WE are Transforming YOUR WORLD!

Our production

  • 1
    Dry Backfill KOMPEVIT.

    Dry floor covering is designed for use as an insulating layer with a leveling device, prefabricated base floors of buildings, providing a horizontal base and the insulation.
  • 2
    Expanded Clay Concrete Blocks (more than ten standard sizes), with and without facial layer of different textured embossed textures and colors.
    The main advantages - the walls do not require further external finishing (plastering, insulation, priming, painting, insulation system for the device), which reduces the cost of construction, reduces construction time and labor.
  • 3
    Expanded clay - it is expanded with the rapid firing of dark brown clay material cellular structure.
    Expanded clay has considerable strength in the low density and high thermal insulation properties. Expanded clay is used in civil and industrial construction as a lightweight concrete aggregate as heat insulating fillings, as a basis for road building and grounds in greenhouses.
  • 4
    Dry mixes: masonry, heat and sound insulation for floor screeds.
    Pot dry heat and sound insulation for the tie «Vipol» is intended for use modular and monolithic flooring, as heat and soundproofing layer for subsequent coating with linoleum, parquet, ceramic tiles and other coverings.
  • 5
    Sidewalk Curb and Plates for the blind area devices.
    Paving stone has long been the most popular material for the device walkways and sidewalks.
    It has several advantages over asphalt: 1. Attractive design (variety of colors and shapes). Two. Ease of installation and variety of ways. Three. Prevents accumulation of water and mud. 4. Long service life.
  • 6
    Expanded Clay Drainage used in floriculture in greenhouses. Expanded clay decorative painted, packed.
    Drainage optimizes breathability, preventing acidification of the soil, prevents surface mold and moss. Expanded clay-colored decoration is intended for decoration, design alpine gardens, garden paths, etc.