Dry Backfill KOMPEVIT for Floor

kompevit - modern dry backfilling floor technology, based on expanded clay KNAUF sand. Dry floor covering is designed for use as an insulating layer with a leveling device, prefabricated base floors of buildings, providing a horizontal base and warm - sound insulation.

Unfortunately, conventional expanded clay fraction of 0-5mm (expanded clay sand) is not suitable for precast floor unit, because over time it is prone to shrinkage. This, in turn, leads to prosidaniyu, damage to the floor elements - gypsum fiber board sheets, and disturbance of the general level of the floor surface.

Technology Used in "dry" floor concrete block must simultaneously possess a certain fraction, density, and most importantly - specific particle size and shape of the pellets - they must be rounded. All the above requirements only matches Dry backfill Kompevit. You can verify this by visiting Forum of KNAUF.

Scope. For leveling, sound and heat insulation base, followed by the device of the modular base superfields and Knauf Knauf moisture resistant superlistov (GVLV).

Why KOMPEVIT? It's filling, approved by KNAUF. Laboratory investigations many fillings offered on the Russian market, the above-named company chose it to dry for backfilling KOMPEVIT floor and is now actively being supplied to the group company Knauf.

Advantages of dry floor:

The most optimal solution:

  1. 1. Repair floor in residential homes without removing the existing old parquet and floor boards that are not suitable for use.
  2. 2. Alignment of the subfloor in new speed, increased insulation, minimizing the effects of the shrinkage of supporting structures.
  3. 3. Restoration of the floor in the homes of the Stalinist period - the leveling of the large difference in altitude with minimal load on the floor, and a significant increase in sound insulation.
  4. 4. In new construction, especially in the construction of houses, achieved a significant reduction of load on the foundation and supporting floor.
  5. 5. Piecemeal repairs of floors with the continued operation of an office or dwelling.

Packaging. Kraft - 40litrov bag, polypropylene bag 40litrov. Shipment is made by road or rail. Car: 840 bags bulk or on pallets (33.6m3), train 2500 bags in bulk (100m3).

deliveryDelivery. Delivery of products is carried out as soon as our own transport.

Technical characteristics:

The technology unit of the modular basis of sex gypsum fiber board

On our site you can Calculate the amount of dry backfill "Kompevit"

Floor area (square meters):

A layer of dry fill (mm):

Along with the "dry" technology, laying the floor there and all the usual concrete screed. We can offer you Dry Mix for Self Smoothing Flooring Screed its own production. And that is applied to the device sub-floor up to you!